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Rail mounting method

1, ceiling mounted

track lighting systems are placed against the ceiling, as if they were attached to the ceiling, called a ceiling mount.

▲ Ceiling mount

2, embedded installation

The ceiling is slotted, and the track and the luminaire are hidden deep into the trough to keep the ceiling clean and beautiful.

▲ embedded installation

In addition to keeping the ceiling clean and beautiful, the embedded installation also eliminates the space height of the hanger and reduces the pressure on the space. Although the embedded rails can be “hidden and ugly”, sometimes the electrician can open the dark trough and hide it.

▲ Embedded installation reveals gaps on both sides

If it is slotted because of the embedded installation, and it is worried that the exposed gap is unsightly, the value of the face is lowered. Then using an embedded rail with a flange will be a good choice . This can meet the embedded installation requirements and block the slotted slot.

▲ embedded rail with flange

3, hanging installation

▲ Suspended installation

Suspension installation is the most amazing installation method. Here are two examples of the opposite. Let’s take a look at the first one. Maybe the guide rails are too soft, so the construction party feels that this strength will not be enough, so a square steel is added to it. In fact, the guide rail itself can be directly hoisted. If a sufficiently hard guide rail is used, it can be hung on the ceiling without adding materials such as square steel.

▲ Square steel is added to the guide rail