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In today’s interior design, many people like to install decorative paintings on vacant sofa walls, without complicated layouts and at the same time decorating the entire space. Not only that, some designers in order to attract people’s attention to the decorative paintings, will install a guide light with a certain focus function outside the ceiling close to the sofa wall.

Use the rail light as the source of illumination for the sofa wall. The decorative painting mounted on the sofa wall is almost illuminated by a greenery, bringing a different kind of vitality to the neutral space, and the smear of the light from the guide rail lights makes people’s sight Unable to move.

Multi-directional illumination of the track light The adjustable track head not only aligns the decorative picture, but also aligns with other areas of the space, which is the embodiment of the multi-directional illumination of the track light.

In the store management and product display, lighting can be said to play a very important role, but it is also the most easily overlooked place. If the lighting design fails, a boutique will look cheap.Successful lighting can attract customers and display items to give customers a deep first-view impression.